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SEKKISEI Sun Protector SPF50+/PA+++

The oriental-mineral veil gently envelopes your skin and saves your skin from the scorching sun. Your Daily Whitening Sunscreen Lotion.

Product Features:

Protect skin with sun-shielding and whitening effect. A whitening sunscreen lotion with oriental mineral veil that gently envelopes the skin and protects skin from harmful UV rays.
Completely blocks UV-A that degrades skin's resilience and UV-B that causes sunburn. Maintains skin’s health with supple moisture, translucency and fairness with SPF50+/PA++.
Oriental herb extract moisturises and conditions skin, thus prevents skin unevenness caused by dryness of skin inflicted by UV damage.
For everyday use; gentle on skin and blends quickly enabling your skin to feel comfortable and smooth.
Long wearing and resistant to perspiration and water. Lasting sunscreen effect and can be used as makeup base effect that enable foundation to last.
For face/body (Special cleansing unnecessary).
* Controls melanin production and prevents dark spots and freckles due to sunburn.

How to use

Shake well to allow content to emulsify and spread a small amount evenly over entire face.
* Cleansing wash is recommended for face upon removal. For the body, lather well with body wash using a towel to cleanse off completely.
To maintain the efficacy of sunscreen, reapply lotion when it wears off.
When lotion gets onto the clothes, wash thoroughly with detergent.
Sekkisei Supreme Base Make
Sekkisei Supreme Make-Up Base SPF25/PA+

Makeup base that conditions your skin with moisture boosting capabilities like a beauty serum while enhancing your skin one tone brighter.

Product Features:

The emollient ingredients effectively wrap the moisturizing ingredient forming a film which prevents moisture evaporation and maintains skins’ suppleness by protecting it from dryness.
Like BB Cream, it evens out skin tone and gives brightness and clear translucency. A multi-purpose makeup base that covers pores, making them less visible. (Use SEKKISEI SUPREME Loose Powder for finishing)
Hexagonal Powder promotes a smooth touch and exhibits excellent affinity with skin which creates a thin, supple and moisture-rich film.
Gives a non-greasy after feel which glides smoothly onto skin, thus enhancing easy application and lasting foundation.
Blocks UV-Rays and prevents freckles and dark spots caused by the sun. SPF25/PA++
Appropriate for all seasons.
Refreshing oriental herb fragrance.

How to use

Use before applying foundation. Pump once onto palm (approx. 0.2g) and spread evenly and entirely on face. (Spread a thin layer around the wings of nose and areas around the mouth).
Take care not to apply too much. Over-application causes unevenness in foundation.
Completely wipe off the mouth of the pump after use and place the cap appropriately.

Active Beauty Agents

Melothria extract HC (Moisturizer)
Indigo Extract (Moisturizer)
Coix Seed Extract (Moisturizer)
Angelica Extract (Moisturizer)
Coix Seed Water (Moisturizer)
Hamamelis Virginiana Extract (Moisturizer)
Ethyl Oleate (Emollient
Sekkisei Supreme Loose Powder SPF12/PA++

Loose powder that boosts translucency with moisture-rich effect with pure white powder akin to powder snow.

Product Features:

The Inner Luminance Powder creates shine that comes from within the skin and brings water-rich translucency.
The Hexagonal Powder spreads smoothly like silk and creates an even and supple finish. In addition, it adheres well to skin without leaving the skin powdery.
Powder with high Pore Soft Focus effect compounded which makes the unevenness on skin less visible and brighter.
The high sebum absorption maintains a beautiful finish.
Blocks UV-rays during the day and ends the day with a matte and well-blended finish by balancing & combining various UV-ray preventing powders.
Blocks UV-rays and prevents freckles and dark spots caused by the sun with SPF12/PA++.
Appropriate for all seasons.
Allergy tested. (It does not mean that it is allergy proof for severe skin allergies).
Refreshing oriental herb fragrance.

How to use

Suitable for base makeup finishing. Put the puff on the screen and take some powder by turning the container upside down. Take some on the back of the hand to see the color, and spread on skin by drawing circles.
When the puff needs to be washed, dissolve small amount of neutral detergent in warm water and press wash. Dry after rinsing well and dry completely in the shade after straightening its shape.
Take off the sticker on the screen when using it for the first time.

Sekkisei Supreme Powder Foundation

A concept originated from skincare; Promoting Skin Translucency that looks more natural your bare skin.


Product Features:

Hexagonal Powder and phospholipid processor are compounded to the beauty ingredient base derived from Oriental herbs for a smooth glide.
Evens out the uneven pores and helps to brighten skin, making pores less visible.
Inner Luminance Powder creates a veil on skin which reflects light well and thus creating high translucency that radiates from within.
Blocks UV rays and prevents freckles and dark spots caused by the sun with SPF20/PA++.
The Inner Luminance Powder and Pore Soft Focus Powder creates a resonating coverage effect and the Hexagonal Powder creates radiance. Together, it brings a natural
Sekkisei Supreme Massage Cream

Whitening massage cream that promotes healthy circulation from the circular movement of your fingertips and has soothing effects induced by original aromatic ingredients.

  • Glides smoothly onto skin with massage movements to enhance blood circulation.
    A concentrated whitening care that retains moisture and reveals firm, radiant skin.
  • Moisture retention capability is greatly enhanced as skin is wrapped in solid film, improving the next skincare application, resulting in lasting moisturizing effect.

Available October 2009

Sekkisei White Liquid Wash
Rich foam gently washes away the dullness in skin.
A luxuriously-milky face wash is now available.
From SEKKISEI, known for its whitening and translucence effect.

Dull & lack-lustre skin is a cause for concern to women. Even the best make-up is unable to blend due to dull skin ridden with impurities. Sekkisei White Liquid Wash effectively removes tired surface cells and impurities while prepping skin for optimal absorption of beauty agents, unveiling clear, velvety-smooth skin. The “Milk drop formula” foams richly with plenty of moisturizing ingredients