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Spawake moisturising cold cream Offer


1.) Spawake moisturising Cold Cream


A deeply hydrating cream that protects against harsh cold weather and helps relieve dry, rough and chapped skin. Its extra‐rich texture melts on skin for immediate calming and soothing effects. Delivers nourishing Sea minerals and Vitamin E deep inside your skin and seals in moisture for long-lasting hydration. 

  • Product Features
  • Spreads with a melting touch.
  • Protects the skin from severe dryness and prevents roughness, cracking, and flaking.

2.) Spawake Moisturising Face Wash


A highly foaming cleanser enriched with sea minerals, washes away sweat, dirt, dust and oil while retaining essential moisture. The rich, bouncy foam that's fine-textured reaches deep into the pores, latches onto dirt and easily cleans the skin. It deeply hydrates the skin's surface, forming a moisture veil! Leaves the skin feeling moist without any tightness.

  • Product Features
  • Its bouncy foam is creamy and rich.
  • Latches onto dust and pollutants before removing them.
  • Protects the skin's moisture as it cleanses.
  • Leaves the skin moist and smooth without any tightness.
  • Refreshing and relaxing 'Spa Fragrance'.
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